Trick or Treat

When the twins got back from trick-or-treating I immediately began inspecting their candy.

I could have been looking for safety reasons, trying to find suspicious-looking things like unwrapped candies or (gasp!) home-made treats.

I wasn’t, of course.

Pawing through Little Girl’s plastic pumpkin, I asked, “Did you get anything good?”

“Oh yes,” she said excitedly. “I got a BOOK.”


I gave her a look. “Yeah. Okay. I was kind of thinking maybe Resse’s cups…”


Late one evening, Boo, my eleven-year-old asked me for some posterboard.

This is something every parent hates.

Posterboard= a school supply that is difficult to store, annoying to carry, easily crushed or ruined, and is never requested until the last minute.

Anyways, I made a special trip to Wal-Mart and bought two sheets.

“Did you get the posterboard?” Boo asked.

Proudly I showed her the two pristine white sheets.

Boo looked at it. “Oh,” she said. “I guess I didn’t mean posterboard.”

“Can you get me some display board?”