Organize Your Junk Drawer?

I spent several hours organizing my “junk drawers.” (Yes, I have TWO in this house.)

junk1They were a mess. How long has it been since they were sorted?

Well… I found this actual canister of FILM.

How long has it been since you’ve seen one of these?

There’s no before picture. I’m just too embarrassed.

But here is the after:





As my husband said, now they are not “junk drawers,” just “drawers.”

And as my daughter said, “I give it a week before they’re a mess again.”

Texting Fail

On the night before Valentine’s Day, I noticed that Boo, age 12, hadn’t filled out her valentines yet. The box was still sitting on the kitchen counter.

I didn’t feel like walking up the stairs, so I texted her.


Finally I sent GG upstairs to tell her sister to stop messing around and come write out her valentines. But Boo hadn’t gotten my texts.

Apparently I was texting the wrong number the whole time.


(Trying to) Have a Nice Dinner

candleA friend of mine made a bunch of these cool candle holders from “sparkling-cider” bottles for a ladies’ lunch with an Italian food theme.

After the lunch was over, she said they were up for grabs, so I took a pair.

I think they are very beautiful, reminiscent of red-checked-tableclothed restaurants and violin trios playing.

I thought of Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti with meatballs as I set the table for dinner. This looks romantic, I thought.

My family did not agree.


“What’s this?!” said Boo suspiciously. 

“Are we pretending to be fancy?” asked Little Boy.

Little Girl exclaimed, “They look like there is throw-up on them!”

And my husband’s mental associations were a little different from mine. They reminded him of an old shack he’d found in the woods as a kid, one that local hoodlums were using a drug den.

Not exactly romantic…. but I tried!