Playing house

Little Girl (age 7) was playing house out in the yard with the neighbor kids. She had laid out a few beach towels and set up her stuffed animals on one.

Little Boy (her twin) came up and asked if he could play.

“I’m the Mommy,” she said. “And P is the daddy. You can be one of the kids.”

Little Boy joined the game just as P (the neighbor boy) started wandering off to play with a toy riding car.

“Husband?” Little Girl called after him from her position on the beach towel with the stuffed animals. “Are you going to work? Okay. I will sit here and read.”

And she pulled out a book and opened it in her lap, bending her head studiously.

So… THAT’S how I look to my kids….


I Broke a Chair

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I was sitting in a plastic chair (like this one) waiting outside my son’s judo class and reading a book.

I’d just gotten to a really interesting part of the story when I heard a huge cracking and crashing sound. Suddenly, l was on the floor.

About twenty-five shocked and horrified faces turned toward me, as all the other parents (tiny Asians all) looked to see what had made that horrendous noise.  Their eyes widened as they saw me, the giant white lady sitting on the ground in a pile of plastic debris.

The chair had actually shattered beneath me. I’m serious. ALL FOUR LEGS had separated from the seat. Tiny shards of plastic had flown across the room! This chair was totaled.

The weird thing is, it’s not like I’d just sat down. I’d been sitting in that chair for about an hour. It’s as if the chair suddenly said, “Nope. That’s it. I give up! I ain’t holding this lady up ANY MORE!”

Now this story sounds like the beginning of a weight-loss ad, doesn’t it? You know the type: “I knew I had to do something about my weight when I pulverized a chair with my giant be-hind in front of twenty-five witnesses!”

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Image from

But you know what? This is not a weight-loss ad. I think I’m going to blame the chair.

I mean, this is not normal. Chairs don’t just shatter completely like that. (Did I mention all four legs came off? ALL FOUR?!) I don’t think this can be called my fault.

Yes, I’m blaming the chair. I’ll stand by that.

I’ll stand because I won’t be sitting again anytime soon……

What are we?

rainbow smile

One Sunday morning at church, Miss Cindy was trying to make a point about how God loves everyone regardless of our differences.

“You know,” she said, “we are all different. Do you know what ethnicity you are?”

The kids looked at her blankly.

“For example,” she continued, “I’m Korean.”

The kids caught on. “Oh!” said a girl. “I’m Chinese.”

A boy said, “I’m Japanese.”

Another girl said, “I’m Okinawan.”

Miss Cindy turned to my two youngest kids. “What about you?”

Uh oh, I thought. What are they going to say? We’re just plain white people?

Little Boy smiled. “We’re twins!” he said proudly.