We made it to Alaska!


So we finally arrived in Fairbanks just after midnight last Friday night.

I mean last Saturday morning.

Oh, whatever! It’s light most of the time here and it’s difficult to tell what time of day it is.

Even at 12:45 am, the sky was not really dark. It seemed to be more of an extended twilight time for a few hours, waiting for sunrise.

The airport was quite busy at that time, oddly enough, filled with excited people going on once-in-a-lifetime Alaska cruise vacations.

We were less excited, with our tired kids and our twelve suitcases, not counting carry-on baggage.

img 1

Little Girl commented as we stepped outside into the not-really dark of summer late-night in Alaska: “Why is the air conditioner on outside?”

Oh, child. They’re about to turn that A/C waaaay up…

Taking Care of Business?

Just FYI, we’re still mid-move. Here’s a map to keep you oriented if you’re confused:


Now, a little story:

Little Boy was upstairs in the vacation house and I was downstairs reading a book.

“Mommy!” he called. “The toilet paper is out and there’s no roll on the back of the potty!”

“There’s another roll in the package in the counter!” I called back.

 I continued to read. It’s nice when the kids are old enough to take care of these kind of things themselves, I thought. I can just sit back and let him handle it.

A little while later he called out, “That roll is empty too! Should I get another one?”

Uh oh. That’s not a good sign.

“Wait a minute!” I called. “I’m coming upstairs!”

Surely, I thought, SURELY he couln’t have used an entire roll at once. OH NO!!


“There was a lot of poopy,” he explained. 

I guess that maybe he can’t handle the toilet paper…