New Car Fail

I got the extended warranty card for our new car in the mail today.

On another note, I backed the new car into a pole.


It’s fine. You can’t tell.

Not really…

The family that texts together

Something funny happened on the bus, so my 15-year-old daughter GG decided to text her older sister, her father, and me about it.


She received some varied responses:

From her sister, she got a question.

IMG 2944-1

From me, she got advice. (Typical Mom, right?)

IMG 2944-2

And from her father……


I don’t even know how to categorize that.

Remember Blockbuster Video?

Remember when we used to rent movies at the video store? Ah, the eighties and nineties were a fun time.

I saw this meme on my facebook wall the other day:

blockbuster meme

I laughed, but the really funny thing is that Blockbuster Video is alive and well here in Alaska. I’m not kidding.

I took the twins there last Friday. Really.


They’ve never been to a video store, so they were very excited.

It’s almost like going back in time.

Then there’s the fact that about half of the radio stations here are playing “classic” 80’s rock. I can close my eyes and be back in the middle of 1990. 

blockbuster streetview


Probably not a good idea while I’m driving…

First Day of School Fail

We just experienced our first day of school in Alaska.

In the past my kids have gone back to school in early to mid-August, so the weather has always been warm and sunny.

Well, it’s mid-August, but it is NOT warm here.

Granted, it’s not exactly COLD yet, either. It’s around 50 degrees, but for kids who have lived on a tropical island for the past six years, that’s pretty chilly.

Still, I thought a light jacket would be fine for my daughter while she was waiting for the school bus in the morning.


Unfortunately, the bus was over an hour late. (There is a driver shortage, apparently.) So after about 15 minutes, she began texting me her distress from the end of the driveway where she waited impatiently.


So at 7:45 am (the time her school was actually STARTING, by the way) I gave up and drove GG to school. Obviously, she was late. Also I was extremely irritated by that time from the constant text-message barrage I’d been fielding while I was trying to get the twins ready to take to the elementary school.

I drove her to the high school (and Boo to the middle school) with a short barrage of yelling (“Why is it MY fault if the bus is late?” “What EXACTLY do you expect me to do about the cold?!” “Don’t you realize than when I’m busy texting you back I can’t tie the twins’ shoes?”) followed by a stony silence.

When I finally got to the elementary school with the twins, I dragged them impatiently toward the building. I was just in time to watch all the good mommies cheerfully taking pictures of their little darlings trotting inside with their cute backpacks. (Making ME look bad!)

Hastily, I herded the twins to a photogenic area and snapped a picture, then I rushed them into their classroom.


That’s when I saw a kindergarten mom leaving the building crying. It had been such a stressful morning, and I felt like a number-one AWFUL mom, so I started crying too.

I think I was the only second-grade mommy sobbing in the parking lot; I probably should be over first-day-of-school tears by now.

But the good news is, I got to go home by myself! To rest up for picking-up time…