Getting in the Christmas Spirit


It’s Christmas time again, and I’ve been enjoying listing to holiday music in my car.

I find it quite festive! (My husband and teenage daughters disagree. Scrooges.) 

Click here to see last year’s crushing of the Christmas song.

This year is my first Christmas in Alaska, so it’s a new experience; it seems so much more authentic to listen to “Winter Wonderland” or “Jingle Bells” with a snowy backdrop. 


Recently I pointed out to my husband that you could actually ride in a “one-horse open sleigh” around here.

  • Me: Look at that snowy field! I can imagine a horse-drawn sleigh gliding along!
  • Him: That sounds horrible.
  • Me: What?! Why!
  • Him: Are you crazy? It’s freezing!
  • Me: But it says right there in the song, “Oh what fun it is to ride!”
  • Him: It’s below zero out there! And you think it would be FUN to ride in an open sleigh?! Probably catching frostbite?
  • Me: Well….
  • Him: Not to mention the horse kicking up snow. And probably dumping you out of the sleigh in the process.
  • Me: Come to think of it, there’s a second verse to that song where they end up in a snowbank…
  • Him: Oh yeah. Sounds super fun.

Once again, my Christmas spirit is squashed.

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Sigh. Let’s all mourn the passing of a lovely winter dream.


Quoth the Raven

There are a lot of ravens in Alaska, apparently. When I first saw them, I thought they were crows, but they are much bigger.

Seriously, these things are the size of housecats! Here’s a chart to tell the difference between ravens and crows:

image from

Apparently they are very smart birds; they can solve simple puzzles and even learn to talk. 

The weird thing is: the ravens are still here, right now, in the dead of winter.

I feel like catching one and demanding, “Do you SEE all this snow? Aren’t you a bird?! Shouldn’t you have flown south months ago?”

But they don’t go anywhere. They don’t seem to mind the cold, and food is no problem, I guess. As carrion eaters, their main source of food is garbage.

While there aren’t as many dead things lying around to eat in the wintertime, there is plenty of trash, thanks to all the humans around here. It’s kind of unnerving, though, to see these beautiful black birds dumpster-diving all over the place.

Those ravens will eat anything.

Recently my husband was in Wal-Mart and heard an announcement over the loudspeaker. “If you are the owner of a black Ford truck with this license number, be aware that the ravens are eating your groceries right now.”

Ew. Smart birds, indeed.


The Lost Remote

We recently bought an amazon “fire stick” to use with our TV. It’s pretty great; we can use it to watch Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime video, etc., but there’s one problem with it.


The remote is REALLY small. I think we’ve lost it about twenty times in the past couple of months.

The last time we lost the remote, it stayed gone for a few days. I googled “lost fire stick remote” to see if there was a way to press something on the TV and make it beep or something to help us look. All I could find was a lot of information from amazon about buying a replacement remote.

Hmmm… I guess they realize it gets lost easily. Maybe that’s WHY the thing is so small?

Anyways I ended up having to order a replacement. For a small fee, of course.

Before it arrived, however, one of the kids found the missing remote.

I was in the bathroom and I heard the celebration.

“We found the remote! We found the remote!” Little Boy yelled. “Here it is, Mom!”


Well, thanks. But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it in HERE.

An Important Question

I got a text from my fifteen-year old daughter. She sent it during school, unfortunately.



Apparently she’d been discussing old Star Trek Episodes with her friends.

She showed them my reply. “Your mom is the Queen of Sass,” her friend said.

Why, thank you, my dear.

Now go do some schoolwork!!

What if we played an annoying game?

whatifLittle Boy loves to play “what if.”

He comes up with the most bizarre scenarios and ask me, “What if this happened?” He can fill hours doing this.

“What if you saw a squirrel and it had an acorn and then it pooped on the acorn and then washed it off?”

“What if you asked someone how many brothers and sisters they had and they didn’t know? Only you had asked them before and they did know?”

It’s maddening, actually. I mean , I know I should probably be proud that he has such a great imagination, but it’s just so darn irritating!

After one marathon session of what-if’s in the car I sent my husband a text about it. He wasn’t really all that helpful.