Don’t Take The Kids to the Dump

Recently I was hauling my trash to the dump myself (read about that Alaska problem here if you’re interested) when I saw an interesting sight.

Sitting on the top of a giant pile of garbage bags was a big pink and white stuffed poodle.


Did I say big? This thing was HUGE! It was probably four feet tall and so brightly colored that it shone in the afternoon sun like a beacon.

It stared at me with its giant eyes and begged to be rescued from the trash pile.


Even I, a mom who hates clutter with a passion and usually thinks stuffed animals are useless, could feel the power of its plastic gaze.


I said a silent prayer of thanks that my kids were not with me, They could never have resisted the siren song of that stuffed poodle.

As I was throwing my trash away in a nearby dumpster, a pickup truck pulled up next to me. A woman got out , grabbed the giant stuffed dog, and tossed it into the truck. I thought I glimpsed a gleeful child’s face in the back seat.

So another mom was adding to the stuffed animal clutter in her home.

Better her than me, I thought.