Discovering the wonders of technology

The twins have recently entered the world of e-mail. This means they can insult each other electronically.

How quickly they grow up!

I remember when they first learned to write, and left rude notes for each other. 

It just warms your heart, doesn’t it?


It depends on what the definition of “old” is

Conversation with my just-turned-nine-year-old son:

  • HIM: Is Adventure Time an old show?
  • ME:  I guess… I mean it’s not a brand-NEW show…
  • HIM: So it’s old, then?
  • ME:  Well, I wouldn’t call it OLD, exactly…
  • HIM: Why not?
  • ME: It wasn’t around when I was a kid or anything.
  • HIM: (laughs) Well I know THAT. It’s in color!
  • ME: How old do you think I am, kid?
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