A Disappointing Letter

We are still receiving Christmas cards, although it is late January.

Not that I’m complaining; I love Christmas cards! I also have a fun way of preserving cards every year. (Click here if you’re interested in that craft idea.) So, the more cards, the better, in general.

This particular Christmas card was forwarded from our old address in Alaska:

Little Girl was super excited to see this fancy envelope in the pile of mail.

“Is that from Hogwarts?!” she exclaimed.

Aw. I hated to tell her that it wasn’t. After all, she’s turning eleven this year. (And so is her twin brother, actually.) If there were such a place as Hogwarts, this would be the year for the letter.

I’m afraid this is going to be a disappointing year for Little Girl.

Thanks for ruining my kids’ eleventh birthday year, J.K. Rowling….

Easy Chicken

I haven’t posted any recipes on my blog for quite a while, so let’s start the new year with one, shall we?

I am not what you’d call a “foodie”. My favorite recipes are those with very few ingredients, and I tend to prefer it if some of those ingredients are canned or premixed things. I like a recipe with very few instructions as well, and one that doesn’t use many dishes. A recipe with “Easy” in the title is very good.

Actually, my VERY favorite recipe would be Not Cooking. But that’s usually not an option. Sigh.

Anyways, here’s a chicken recipe I found on the internet:


Now, that is an easy recipe!

But it still uses some words I don’t like, such as “preheat,” “small bowl,” and “dredge.” (Translation: Plan ahead, use an unnecessary extra dish, and spend more time touching raw chicken that you need to.)

Here’s what I did instead:

Take five or so frozen chicken breast tenderloins and stick them in the crock pot. Throw on top of them: some brown sugar and the contents of an envelope of Italian dressing mix.

Run the crockpot on “low” for four hours. (Or longer, if you forget about it.)


Isn’t that lovely? I served this with frozen broccoli and boxed noodles (Pasta Roni “Angel Hair With Herbs” flavor).

Almost as easy as Not Cooking, but not quite.