Guinea Pigs

So, Little Girl has been lobbying for her own pet for some time.

We still have the cat; he’s almost ten years old now. I have actually been blogging long enough (?!) that his origin story is in my archives, if you’re interested.

I’ve been strongly resisting any new pets on the grounds that we already have a cat; however, the lack of precedent for this logic was recently pointed out to me.

  • Me: You don’t need your own pet.
  • Little Girl: You let ET have her own pet.
  • Me: We already have a cat.
  • Little Girl: ET had a hamster. AND a tree frog.
  • Me: (floundering) But….

Yeah, I lost that one pretty quickly. I hadn’t taken a hard enough line with previous kids, and now history was against me. The argument that I was younger and stupider back then (my only defense!) wouldn’t really fly either.

(And she didn’t even KNOW about how I let her big sisters have a lizard, some fish, and mice at various times in the past. See “The Pet Wars” in my archives for more there. Yeah. I was MUCH stupider then.)

So…. I fell back on the Use-Your-Own-Money-And-That-Thing-Had-Better-Not-Bug-Me defense. It’s all I could do. I told her that if she could buy the pet in question AND all its supplies AND keep it in her room AND keep it clean and fed herself, THEN she could have her own pet.

Long story short…. we have a pair of guinea pigs now.

The good news is, they’re really cute!

The bad news is, her room smells like a livestock barn, and I keep having to buy food for these rodents.

Oh well.

The Book Fair at School

The twins’ school is having a book fair.

They are in middle school now, so I wondered if the book fair might be different, but it’s pretty much the same as it was in elementary school:

Ostensibly it’s to sell books and promote learning, but the real goal from the kid’s perspective is buying random junk that promotes clutter.

(I’ve written in the past about how much my kids love random junk; see that post here if you’re interested.)

They simply CANNOT go to the book fair without buying some of the non-book items such as odd bendy pencils, erasers shaped like weird things, or bookmarks with strange shiny patches on them.

I’ll admit that these things are cool, and I do remember being a kid (many MANY years ago) well enough to know the draw of interesting small objects to children.

Little Boy brought home one of those pens that writes in a lot of different colors. He was simply THRILLED about the pen.

He wanted to know if they had pens like that when I was a kid. I admitted to coveting one of those four-color pens kids had when I was in elementary school.

Remember those? Only cool kids had them.

Well, his pen is WAY cooler! He left it out for his siblings to view, but carefully put a note next to it to make sure no one tried to steal it.

This pen is definitely for cool kids!