Isn’t this Alaska?

Before we moved to Alaska I was worried about the extreme cold and snowfall, and how it might affect the kids’ schools. (Namely, I wondered if I’d be stuck with them in the house driving me crazy every day for weeks on end.)

But everything I read and heard told me that Alaskans DON’T cancel school for snow. They just push through the snow and go to school. 

So imagine my surprise when I got this email last night. (I circled the parts I found the most shocking.)


Ok, I repeat:  WHAT?!?!

You guys slog through six full months of frozen-solid below-zero winter here, and you’re already threatening to cancel school on September 25th?! This bodes ill for the rest of the year, I’m afraid.

The good news is, they didn’t cancel it after all, and my kids went to school.

The bad news is, I received an automated phone call at 5:20 a.m. informing me of this.

Yes, they actually called me in the night and woke me up, to tell me school was NOT cancelled.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the school year….

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