Winter: Beautiful and Dangerous!

I’ve been taking some nice scenery pictures recently. Winter in Alaska is really beautiful. I posted a picture taken from my window¬†on Facebook recently:


I got lots of comments. “Wow!” “So beautiful!” “I’m jealous!”

Now, I appreciate the love, people, but REALLY. You’re jealous?! Of ME?! Come on!

You KNOW I’m only showing the nice side of life on Facebook, right? That’s what we DO on Facebook! Right?! (Isn’t that what you’re all doing, too? Because if you guys are all REALLY as happy as you look on Facebook I might as well lie down and die.)

The snow is beautiful here, sure, but it’s also DEADLY.

I have seen a car stranded in a ditch EVERY DAY for the past three weeks. (A different car, in a different ditch, I mean. Obviously.)

The snow is even a problem if you’re not driving.

The twins love playing in this snow pile outside their school. Then one day I saw the school had it roped off.


“Some kid broke his arm out there,” the twins informed me nonchalantly.

This snow wants to KILL us, I tell you! But it sure is pretty…


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