The Sweater from 1992

When we moved to Hawaii, over six years ago now, I got rid of all of my winter things. I just didn’t want to store all of that stuff. Sometimes I wish I still had a couple of those old things, but not very often.

But now that we are in Alaska I have to buy some new winter clothes.

I was shopping at the thrift store and I found a sweater I used to own. It was in perfect condition and looked as if it had stepped straight from 1992 into the year 2015, just waiting for me to find it again.


I know, of course, that it’s not the same one, since I bought that sweater in Texas, wore it in Alabama, and gave it away in Maryland.

But it was cool to find it here in Alaska.

Maybe I’ll find the stirrup pants I used to wear with it, too.

Not that I’d wear them again.

Or would I?


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