The Package

I got a package in the mail with some new clothes. I was really excited about it, and I wanted to impartĀ this fun experience to the twins. I wanted to be that kind of mom, who enjoys being playful with her kids and sharing life’s moments with them.

“Let’s go upstairs and open Mommy’s package!” I said.


They were enthusiastic about it.

Maybe a little too enthusiastic.


A fight ensued over who would get to rip open the package.

Finally I took it away and opened it myself. I started showing the kids my new things as I unwrapped them, but they were much more interested in playing with the wrappings themselves.

I shrugged and went into the closet to hang up my new clothes.


I can’t even show you a picture of how my room looked when I came back out. They had not only thrown all the plastic wrappings and tissue papers all over the room; they had also gone to their own rooms and gottenĀ more clothing to join the fray and tossed that everywhere as well. It was a disaster.

I could not believe my lovely moment of sharing had turned into this giant free-for-all.

I told my husband about it later and wondered aloud why the twins had suddenly turned into little savages.

He said, “What? They’ve always been little savages, haven’t they?”

Sigh. Unfortunately, yes.

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