Cheez-its on the Airplane


I just got back from a month-long trip that involved approximately twenty-four hours of airplane travel.

More about that later.

But here’s a quick story for now:

We were on a (relatively short) two-hour early-morning leg of our trip and I was passing out snacks to my kids. I listed the possibilities that were in my bag aloud, including Fritos, Cheez-its, mini cookies, and plain potato chips.

Apparently a nearby passenger was listening, and she started getting hungry. After about fifteen minutes, this lady turned towards me and said, “Excuse me, but I heard you have Cheez-its. Can I buy some off you for a dollar?”

I told her I didn’t mind sharing my squared-off imitation-cheese snack crackers, and declined the dollar. She ate them slowly and told me, “Ma’am, those Cheez-its sure blessed my soul.” I was pleased that she had enjoyed them so much.

When I related this story to my husband (much) later, his response was unexpected.

He said, “I’ll bet you could have gotten two or three dollars off that lady.”

Wow. It warms your heart, doesn’t it?

Snack Fail


About once a week I bring an after-school snack to a group of kids that live at the homeless shelter. I try to get them something that’s good, but at least slightly healthy.

I mean, I’d like them to enjoy the snack (and think that I’m cool), but I want to make sure they get some nutrition too. Plus, I’m trying to earn that shiny badge, pictured above.

Last week I brought Pringles and yogurt-covered raisins.  I figured I’d get cool points for the chips, and healthy points for the raisins, which were still slightly cool because of the candy-like coating.

I also brought Capri-Suns, but to try to make the pouch drinks a little healthier, I decided to get the “Super V” ones, that have a vegetable/fruit juice blend. I’d never tried that kind before (they cost quite a bit more than regular Capri-Suns) but they sounded cool AND healthy.

“Full Serving Of Fruits AND Vegetables!” the package declared cheerily. “Good Source of FIBER!!”

This snack was, unfortunately, less than popular with the kids.

The Pringles were greeted with enthusiasm, but the rest of my choices … not so much.

“Raisins?!” they said in disgust, as I passed out the cheery red Sun-Maid packages.

“Raisins covered in yogurt!” I amended happily. They raised their collective eyebrows at me skeptically.

One kid industriously began sucking the white coating off her raisins and making an icky-looking pile of the remains. I wrinkled my nose and gave her a napkin.

There were two kids, or maybe three, who actually liked raisins. They collected their neighbors’ rejected red boxes and stuffed them into their backpacks for later.

The yogurt-covered raisins were not a successful snack choice, obviously.

But the Capri-Suns were accepted with alacrity. The familiar sight of the silver pouch pleased them.

Until they tasted the drinks.

“Um, Miss?” said a kid, tugging my sleeve. “There’s something wrong with my Capri-Sun.”

“Mine too,” said another kid. “I think there’s something weird in it.” Several others sipped, grimaced, and put their drink pouches aside.

I sighed. “Yeah,” I admitted. “There’s healthy in it.”

No cool points for me.

I’m Hangry

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I’ve been using the “My Fitness Pal” app on my phone to try and diet… I mean MAKE A POSITIVE LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Otherwise known as: Trying not to eat so much dang FOOD.


First of all, I’ve discovered that this app IS NOT MY PAL.

In fact, I think I HATE that slender leaping lady silhouette. (What’s she so flipping happy about anyways?)

Dieting… I mean, “limiting my calorie intake” has made me rather testy of late. In fact I’m getting… HANGRY!

HANGRY-A state of anger causedby a lack of food. Treatment  includes: chocolate,carbs of any kind, ice cream or anything the hangry person wants--otherwise:WATCH OUT!!!womenafter50/facebook

Hangry is Hungry plus Angry. This is the feeling you get when you are having to wait a long time to eat, and EVERYTHING is getting on your nerves.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Click here to watch the video  Hanger Management:

And, here’s an ecard for… pretty much everyone I’ve encountered recently:

P.S. If you’re wondering,about yesterday’s cookie recipe: Yes, I did eat one (or two) Oreo-stuffed chocolate-chip cookies. But I confessed to my Fitness Pal right away. Honest!

It’s a work in progress…

How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often

I picked up Happy Meals for the twins in the drive-thru and passed the food to the backseat while driving to keep them quiet for five minutes.

What, like YOU’VE never done that?!

Little Boy opened his and exclaimed:

“Awww, a FART GUN?! We already HAVE a fart gun.”


Sometimes you look at your kids and think, Maybe I should just start over…