Sisters Reunited


My oldest daughter, ET, is  home for Christmas. (She has been going to school on the mainland.) Everyone is happy to see her, especially her closest sister, GG .

Unfortunately, these two manifest their affection for each other by “play” fighting all over the house.

It’s driving me crazy.

I’m calmly reading a book in my living room, and in my peripheral vision I see GG poke ET in the ribs and run away, giggling and shrieking as her sister chases her upstairs.

We’re sitting down having a nice family dinner, and the two of them are trying to see who can pinch the other sister the hardest under the table.

In the car, I hear them in the backseat elbowing each other and exclaiming, “Ow!” “Ouch!” “Stop it!”

Their means of expressing affection for each other is killing their mother’s nerves.

And that’s just at home! Just wait until you see what happens when we go out in public….

(stay tuned for the illustrated version)