We have reached 100 days!


Yesterday was the hundredth day of kindergarten and the twins were very excited.

We’d finished their projects over the weekend, so I went ahead and sent the display boards in to school on Monday.

In Little Girl’s class, her teacher said, “Oh wow! You brought your project a day early! Good job. Why don’t you move your clip up on the good behavior board?”

Little Boy’s teacher said, “Oh, That’s not due yet. You are a day early! Take it home and bring it back tomorrow.”


Grr. This is why I don’t like having them in separate classes. 

Anyways, they had their 100th day party and came home full of talk about it.

Then I looked in Little Boy’s backpack and saw that HIS PROJECT WAS STILL IN THERE!!

He said, “I forgot to turn it in.”

GACK!!! That’s why I gave it to you a day early!!