A Conversation Between the Twins

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Little Boy: Do you know the name of my best friend at school ?
Little Girl: No. 
Little Boy: It starts with a D. Duh duh duh…
Little Girl: Dominick?
Little Boy: No. Duh duh duh…
Little Girl: Dustin?
Little Boy: No. Duh duh duh…
Little Girl: Just tell me. 
Little Boy: Dakota. 
Little Girl: Okay. 
Little Boy: But I don’t think you would like him. 
Little Girl: Why not?
Little Boy: Because he’s a boy. 
Little Girl: You’re right. I don’t like him. 
Little Boy: I thought so. 
Little Girl: If you see him you can tell him this. 
Little Boy: What?
Little Girl: Tell him I stuck out my tongue at him. 
Little Boy: Ok.