I think I’m turning my kids into hoarders

I’ve been extra-vigilant in the past few years about getting rid of extra stuff. 

When you move around a lot, you can’t hang on to things. Plus, it’s a trend right now Simplify Your Life and all that.

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But it seems to have backfired a bit with the twins. They are suddenly afraid I’ll throw away all their stuff.

Little Boy in particular is feeling extra-protective of his things, carefully shielding them from the Marauding Throw-Away Mommy.


This is kind of sad, that he feels he needs to write “Do No Throw Away” twice on his artwork.

In my defense, he wants to save some crazy stuff. The other day he came downstairs in the morning yelling “Where’s my stuff? It was RIGHT HERE last night!”

“What stuff?” I said.

“My stuff I saved!” he insisted. “I had an empty chip box with a plastic wrapper in it right here by the couch! Where is it?!”

When I told him that was trash and that I threw it away, he reacted as if I’d tossed the crown jewels. “WHAT?!” he screamed. “That wasn’t TRASH! That was my STUFF!!”

My new policy is, if you don’t want me to throw it out, put it away in your room.

This may backfire….