Kids have no filter

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I volunteered to help in the twins’ classrooms recently.

They are in second grade, which is a fun age; they are starting to be old enough to act like normal humans, but they are still innocent enough to be excited about school.

This week when I was in Little Girl’s class she rushed up and hugged me, which was cute.

Then a random kid also asked for a hug, so I hugged her too.

(Little Girl says she wanted to hug me because I’m so squishy. Um…thanks?)

squeeze here

I saw that the random girl had recently gotten her hair cut pixie-style, so I said, “I like your haircut.”

“Thanks!” she said cheerfully. “I HAD to get it cut. Want to know why?”

“Um…” I said. No, I thought. NO, I do NOT want to know why.

She told me anyways. “Because of LICE,” she said proudly. “It’s the third time this year I’ve had them!”

“Oh!” I answered, trying to keep from cringing away in horror.

I’m not a germaphobe, but lice is one thing that really gives me the heebie-jeebies. I can remember the time my three older girls got them and it was heck to get rid of the nasty things.

Just thinking of the Summer Of Lice makes me shudder. The worst part was worrying that other moms would find out about the lice and shun me.I’m glad this kid’s mom didn’t know what her daughter was blithely blabbing all over the school.

One day she’ll learn when it’s best NOT to share certain things.

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