Polar Bears

(image from fanpop.com)

My husband and I saw one of those polar bear commercials for Coca-Cola.

  • Me: OOO! I love polar bears!
  • Him: Are you kidding?
  • Me: Look how cute they are!
  • Him: They’re bloodthirsty predators! They would kill you!
  • Me: Aw look! There’s Santa!
  • Him: They would rip Santa’s jolly head right off, you know.
  • Me: Be quiet. They’re adorable.

Obviously, what I love is cartoon polar bears.

Although when I was a kid they had some really cute real polar bearsĀ at the zoo that would wave at you. It was great! (I’m not kidding–ask anyone who grew up in Birmingham in the 70’s.)

Until the zoo management decided it was inhumane for us to throw them popcorn and forbade it. Then the bears would just sit there morosely in the heat of the Alabama summer and refuse to wave for free. I felt bad for them.

They probably would have rather been cartoon bears themselves…