Those Weight-Loss Ads on Facebook

I’m getting tired of all the weight loss ads in my Facebook news feed.

Have you seen these?

“What Body Shape are you?”

Hmm… Is Jabba the Hutt one of the shapes? I don’t think you people are representing ALL the body types.

“The five vegetables that will make you gain weight.”

Okay I don’t know about other folks, but in my case it ain’t veggies causing my weight gain. Unless you count cake as a vegetable. Well, it isn’t meat, right?

“Dr. Oz…” pretty much anything.

I can’t stand that guy. Stop smirking at me Dr. Oz!! We know you hold us all in everlasting contempt.

“Which do you prefer?”

This is another version of the “body type” idea but it’s even more annoying than the apple/pear one. Again, where is Jabba?

Now THAT’s a realistic body type…