My dishwasher has been disabled by ants

Recently I noticed an invasion of ants in my dishwasher.

I’ve never seen this before. I thought dishwashers were supposed to be clean!

I called an exterminator. He seemed unsurprised. He said dishwasher are a great place for ants to hang out, full of water and tiny bits of food. Ew.


He set up poison baits inside the dishwasher and told me not to use it for a few days. Hopefully that will kill the ants and stop them from coming back.

But in the meantime, the dishes must be washed by hand.

IMG_0423By which of course, I mean that *I* have to wash the dishes by hand. No one else is likely to touch them.

I don’t even know why I put the “do not use sign” on the dishwasher since I’m the only one that ever opens the thing.

Well, me and the ants…

Small but Interesting Critters

We live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. It’s a tropical paradise, teeming with life, but you’d be surprised at some of the animals we don’t have here.

For one thing, there are no snakes in Hawaii. Also there are no squirrels. Weird, right?  And there is no rabies virus, but there are strict quarantine rules to keep it that way. But on to some critters we do see here:

Of course, I’ve already talked about the evil centipede.

Here are some other interesting little animals we’ve found on the ground recently.


This little guy is a Jackson’s chameleon, a three-horned lizard that was apparently “accidentally” released into the wild here in the 70’s.


This is an Oahu tree snail, and it’s native to Hawaii. Wikipedia says it’s endangered (all 40 different varieties!) but I’ll tell you, there’s an awful lot of them and they are HUGE. They don’t seemed threatened in any way.


Ah, and this is one we like to call Exhibitionist Barbie. We found her sunbathing nude on our lawn. Judging from her pallor, I don’t expect she’s a native.

I’m not crazy. It just appears that way.

I was walking into the convenience store here on post for a couple of things and I saw a centipede on the ground in the parking lot.

I’ve mentioned the centipedes in Hawaii before. They are PURE EVIL. I hate them.

These bugs lie there looking completely disgusting with their nasty little millions of legs waiting to bite unsuspecting passersby and send the poor humans screaming to the emergency room with a welt the size of a basketball.

So I could not allow this abomination to live. Obviously.

I took off my flip flop and proceeded to beat that thing to death with as much force as I could, pounding it over and over and muttering, “Die, die, die, DIE, DIE!!!!!”


When it finally stooped moving and appeared to have been nearly severed in half, I stop beating it, caught my breath, and looked up.

A young soldier in uniform was standing a little distance away, staring at me in horror. You could just see him thinking, “Girl, you are CRAZY!”

I straightened up with as much dignity as I could muster and walked into the store.

When I came back out with my small purchases I looked for the carcass, just to make sure the horrid arthropod was dead. (If you live in Hawaii, you know this already, but those centipedes can be notoriously hard to kill. Further proof that they are the spawn of Satan.)

I muttered as I searched the ground, “Where are you: where are you? Aha! There! You’re dead! Good!” I said triumphantly as I kicked the desiccated corpse and observed no further movement.

I looked up to find another unfortunate young man walking past, giving me a wide berth and avoiding eye contact.

I’m scaring them all today…