The cat wants attention

Usually the cat is not interested in me at all, ignoring the fact that I’m the one who feeds him and cleans out his litterbox. He loves his father best.

But then my husband went away for a week and the cat got lonely, following me around and meowing to be petted.

One night while my husband was gone, I was really tired and did not want to pet the cat any more, so I tried to lie still and demonstrate that I was asleep and could not be disturbed.


The cat started at me like a vulture for hours I think, but I persevered. I slept pretty well.

But the next morning  the cat knew just what to do. He went to the desk and sat directly on my Bible and devotional book, knowing I would be pickling it up.

He looked at me triumphantly, seeming to say, “You can’t avoid me now!”


Okay. His father needs to come home. Now.

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Kitty Woes

Our cat has a urinary infection of some kind.

My husband took him to the vet after we had noticed he was peeing on the floor and continually licking himself in an –ahem– delicate area.

The cat, I mean. My husband almost never pees on the floor.

I received the following text while the two of them were at the vet clinic.


I’m not sure which one of them sent it.

In any case, now the cat has to take an antibiotic. Meaning, my husband has to catch him and force a pill down his throat twice a day.

Unfortunately, he gave the cat the first dose on our bed. Which is now covered in cat pee. This is either due to feline revenge, or as a symptom of the cat’s illness.

Either way, GROSS!!!!

Maybe I should have saved the cat from the vet and he’d feel more kindly towards me…


A Question

I just watched a cat video on facebook….

(TWICE! And I made my husband watch too!)

…Does this make me OFFICIALLY the most boring person on earth?

Interestingly, according to this article, this is biologically not my fault. QUOTE:

“A new study out of Yale found that when we see something CUTE, our bodies are wired to LOSE CONTROL and become OVERWHELMED by our desire to share the cuteness.”

I don’t know if this is true, but I’ll take it.

So the answer is… I’m not boring! The cute kitties are irresistible to everyone!


Dodged that one! SCORE!


We went to the fall festival at the elementary school over the weekend.

<<< Here’s Little Boy playing “product placement” at the fair.

After this event last year, I got stuck with a couple of goldfish. (Read that story here if you’re interested.)

I wasn’t about to let that happen again this year. The twins tried in vain to “win” a fish, but I refused.

Every time we came near the live-fish game, I steered them in a different direction. Unfortunately, the diabolical festival-planners had placed the goldfish booth right next to the balloon animal booth, which we had to go to.

And wait in a long line for. While staring at the fish next door.

  • Little Girl: Look Mommy! Fish!
  • Little Boy: Oh I see the fish too. Look!
  • Me:  No.
  • Little Girl: I want a fish!
  • Little Boy: Me too! I want a fish!
  • Me: No. No fish.
  • Little Boy: I think you can win the fish. Look Mommy!
  • Little Girl: That girl won a fish! Look! I want to win a fish!
  • Me: No.
  • Little Boy: No really. You can win a fish. I see the kids winning a fish.
  • Little Girl: Yay! We can win a fish!
  • Me: No. You can’t.
  • Little Girl: Yes we can! Kids are winning fish. Right there. 
  • Little Boy: Yeah. I see them. We can win a fish too! Right there!
  • Me: No. You are not getting a fish. No.
  • Little Boy: But–
  • Me: No.
  • Little Girl: Mommy–
  • Me: No.

I think you get the picture here.

Festival Organizers, when will you learn? Live animals are NOT prizes!

At least…not to me…



Inside the Barricade

Little Boy likes to play a hiding game. One night he built a pillow barricade all around his bed and hid under the bed.


What he didn’t realize is that he had company under there.


A little background: Our cat is not what you’d call a “kid-friendly” animal. Like many cats, he barely tolerates the larger humans of the household because we feed him. He sees no use for the small humans whatsoever.

(If you’re interested in more stories about the cat click here.)

Long story short, the twins are terrified of the cat.

So you can imagine Little Boy’s reaction when he barricaded himself into the shadowy gloom under the bed, and then looked back to see a pair of yellow eyes shining at him through the dark.


At least he has something to tell his therapist when he grows up.