The Mechanical Kitty

Little Girl wanted a “Fur Real Friend” for her birthday. This is a pretend pet who acts like a real pet, except it needs batteries, and it doesn’t poop.

So I went to Wal Mart to buy one for her. I found a cute kitty one I thought she’d like and put it in my cart. I pressed the button on its paw and it meowed prettily, sounding just like a real cat! How adorable.


Then I went to do the rest of my shopping. The kitty kept meowing, even though no one was pressing its paw. (Maybe it was light and motion activated, I thought.) It sounded so real that people kept turning to look, wondering who had brought a cat to Wal Mart.


After I’d finished shopping, I put my purchases in the car. The mechanical kitty kept meowing all the way to the car, and all the way out of the parking lot and into the street. That thing would NOT STOP! It was starting to really bug me. Why wouldn’t it shut up?


I parked and crammed it into as many plastic bags as I could find in the car, hoping to block the light/motion censor so it would be quiet. I put the shrouded box into the back of the car.


Then I waited. The kitty was silent. FINALLY! I started driving again, and….

Oh no. 




Mommy is trying to nap

The twins promised to play quietly in my room so I could take a nap.

“Play quietly” was apparently defined by Little Girl as, “Bring every toy we own into Mommy’s room, especially the noisy ones”.  (Good to see you, Fire Truck. Ah, Tambourine! Join the party!)


And Little Boy busily built paper-cup towers on my bed and knocked them over.

They are lucky I can sleep through almost anything.



Detangling Doll Hair

I saw this on pinterest about detangling your dolls’ hair with fabric softener, so I thought I’d try it.

How to untangle doll hair....Izzy's Rapunzel is in need of a DO :)!


After all, with four daughters in the house, ranging in age from 17 to 5, we have some nasty-haired dollies around here.

<< I chose these two dolls to receive the honors.

There were a few different methods mentioned of using the fabric softener, all requiring a solution of half Downy/half water. I could dunk the doll’s head, spray the doll’s hair, or dip a comb in the solution.

The problem was, there was not ONE of these ideas that didn’t require me to spend a bunch of time working tangles out of a doll’s hair with a plastic comb.


Not exactly something I want to spend a TON of time on, you know?

I got started with the easier doll, the brunette Barbie. I think she’s “Teresa”?

I dipped the comb in the Downy water and combed her hair. It was boring. I lost interest halfway through and the extremely FRESH!!! scent of the fabric softener started to make me feel sick. Still, she didn’t come out looking too bad.

Then I pulled Jasmine out of her Downy dunk.


Does she look like she’s enjoying a spa day, or being drowned? I’m not sure…

Her hair still looked AWFUL. I mean, this doll has one giant dreadlock on the back of her head. The only difference now was that her hair was dripping blue FRESHNESS!!! all over the place. Ugh.


I halfheartedly combed the edges of Jasmine’s hair.

She stared at me drunkenly. Or maybe it was the Downy FRESH!!! fumes.

Then I gave up. I have better things to do here.



The Doll No One Wants

My neighbor’s little girl got a Bratz doll for Christmas.

Unfortunately, her daughter is not allowed to play with Bratz dolls. You can look at the dolls and see why.

I mean, if you thought Barbies were sexist, check these girls out!  Ewwwww….

Anyways, my neighbor knows I’m more liberal in the toy department than she is (see my previous post about letting my son play with guns), so she asked me if she could pass the Bratz doll on to Little Girl.

Actually, what she said was, “You’re the only mom I know  in the neighborhood who actually lets her daughter play with Bratz, so do you guys want this doll?”

Hmm. That’s a dubious distinction. What do my neighbors really think of me?

Maybe Bratz aren’t the greatest toy on earth, but I really can’t get that worked up about it. I mean, seriously. Play is play. I just don’t think a plastic doll is going to corrupt my daughter’s morals. She’s FIVE.

But I digress.

Pretending I was perfectly comfortable with my label as Neighborhood Evil Mom, and in keeping with my motto to Never Turn Down Free Stuff,  I said, “Sure. we’ll take it.”

We called Little Girl over to show her the doll. “Here. Do you want this?” my neighbor asked her.


Little Girl took one look at it. “No,” she said.

Bratz. Apparently you can’t even GIVE ’em away.


Stuff I didn’t buy for Christmas

Here’s some toys my daughter won’t be getting this Christmas:

#1. Press-on nails for little girls


Mostly because at first glance it looks like it says “Call Girl Fingers.”

#2. A babydoll that says, “Oops! I made a stinky!”

Yes. This really exists. I laughed out loud in the toy aisle of WalMart.

#3. Any more Barbie dolls.

Okay, maybe one.

Or two.

Okay, you caught me. Between my daughters we have enough Barbies to fill a Bieber concert, and they are getting several more this Christmas.

“Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse”

I‘m a sucker for pink glitter.

So sue me.